How is FOVE 0 powered?




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    Kevin Vanderkley

    Hey Guys, 

    Ive unboxed my headset and plugged it in - HDMI cord to video card - usb 3.0 cord to usb 3.0 slot and usb 2.0 to 3 different options to make sure this wasnt it - usb 3.1 slot, usb3.0 slot, and apple iphone charger (usb2.0).

    All of these above connections made no difference and i cannot see anything on the glasses screen. Like im missing a power button or something. No instructions were posted witht the headset but online i followed the instructions and still no joy. 

    Installed software - connected hardware - calibration appears on monitor but not on headset - i wear blank headset - it calibrates and on the screen there are the stars , but nothing on the headset.

    What am I missing - I'm sure its something simple.......

    Do i need to add the hardware to Windows 10? is it not plug and play? Manual suggests no need to do anything but install software, plug in - calibrate - and then its good to go.

    Do I need 3rd party software?

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    Andreas R.

    Kevin, ensure to use a NVIDIA card with the newest driver. When starting the calibration tool you'll see the green dot. Simple starting the runtime shows the starry sky.

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    Se-Joon Chung

    I had the same symptom when I tried to run Fove from my laptop.


    I resolved it by forcing the Fove program (companion and compositor) to run on the Nvidia graphics card through the Nvidia Control Panel.

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