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    Max Korpinen

    If someone creates a FOVE-compatible virtual desktop application, yes, you can! There might be one available on Steam, I haven't checked yet. Use filters "seated", "VR supported", "keyboard+mouse" to search for apps. And you need to be registered to our Steam beta to test these applications. Even if there is a compatible app, we can't guarantee yet that they work perfectly because Steam launches as beta. Check our blog for info on Steam beta.

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    Quentin FRANCOTTE

    Hello Max and KiLLaVieT,

    If you want to use your Windows desktop, you can try this application on Steam : 
    Bigscreen Beta
    hat is free and well developed.

    It works quite nice. It even support the LeadMotion (with proper hands ^^) but I didn't succeed to use my hands...

    If you want to play a desktop game, it's possible using a "Game Mode" that lighten Bigscreen quality (disable super-sampling). And take care to chose a "light" environment (look at the leaf...).
    It even support SBS pictures / movie / games / youtube.

    I used the Razer Hydra to manipulate the app, but I think it's possible to use it just with mouse/keyboard.

    And if you know to "touch-type" on keyboard, you could be able to code and test without removing the HMD ^^ (that's not my case : / ). Whereas you can use the in-app virtual keyboard (using Vive-compatible controllers) or Windows virtual keyboard. It must not be as efficient ^^.


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