New to Fove!



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    Sean Machak

    I am also new, and I think you want to request to test the Steam driver. As I understand it, steam has to be able to recognize you have a VR headset and until you have that driver I don't think you can do much with it. At least I haven't been able to do much other than look around in the galaxy visual used for calibration. If anyone else has some suggestions for how people can fully experience their Fove I would love to hear it!

    Here's the sign up for SteamVR Beta: 

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    Kunal Oogorah

    Hi Sean, 

    I was not able to calibrate the thing. Any suggestions on how to do that? 



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    SteamVR recognises the headset: "the headset is connected and tracking", but as Sean says, it's pretty useless until we get that fabled SteamVR driver.


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    Hi Kunal,

    Have you been able to get your FOVE up and running?

    You can always drop an email to if you're having issues.



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    Ethan Gordon

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to Fove too...

    I was able to go thru the calibration process, and saw the new Star field in my headset.

    I applied for the Steam driver, and got it yesterday.  I will probably set it up tonight.

    Hate to say this had been so far a major buzz kill... I have been a Oculus user for the last two years, and the Fove is very lacking in comparison.

    Anyway... I hope the Fove goes some where in the future.... cause I am close to re-boxing it, and resetting up my Oculus or buying a new Vive Pro (as seen at CES).

    Happy VR'ing... my fellow travelers.


    PS - FOVE - Do you offer refunds, for unsatisfied customers?

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    Ethan Gordon

    OK... I got my answer... and yes.. I am consumer and not developer....that's ok...


    Is FOVE 0 for consumers just like other consumer-ready VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC VIVE?


    FOVE 0 is specifically for developers who want to create innovative eye-tracking VR content. It is not fully ready for general consumer use yet, mainly due to the limited amount of content and the lack of supported platforms.

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    Ethan Gordon

    Hey Guys... when will Fove be ready for Consumer? or will it?

    VIVE Pro is looking more and more tempting... LOL

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