FOVE maxing out CPU




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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Hi. I am doing a support sweep at the moment to ensure that we are providing proper support to our users. I am confirming currently with our SW team to confirm that this problem has been looked into already or not. We are about to make a new release so please hang tight and after it comes out please test to make sure the problem still exists or not. I am sorry for the wall of silence on our part. I am going to do my best to fix that. 

    Update: I believe this problem was fixed in the 0.11 release. Can someone confirm?

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    Maximilian Krauss

    I don`t have my system running over night, but my CPU is also at ~50% or higher when running the FOVE App. Even higher, like 75%+, when it started automatically.


    Running on Win 10, AMD FX 6300, 6 * 3,5 GHz

    It makes me worry if applications can actually run smoothly, then again, this is very early developer state, so I would expect this to improve in the future

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    pittsburghjoe (pittsburghjoe)

    I filled out a bug report saying the same thing

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    Rory Marquis

    I have the same problem, FoveVR is running at >90% CPU and I am not even using the unit.

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    pittsburghjoe (pittsburghjoe)

    Do you guys have oculus home installed? I wonder if the leak is due to a conflict with it.

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    Lion G

    I have the same problem; runtime and compositor are not started and randomly, FoveTray.exe starts to use >90% CPU. I have no other VR installed.

    Here's a pic of what win10 taskmanager is showing after FoveTray.exe starts freaking out:

    and here's what perfmon logged:

    here, the same pair a little later:

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    Eric Cheung

    I have the exactly same problem. FoveServiceHost.exe uses up to 70 percent of CPU once the FOVE tray app is launched and the runtime is running (the compositor is not running as I am using SteamVR).

    It makes Elite Dangerous unplayable as the game will freeze periodically as it competes with FOVE for CPU cycles. 


    My system: I5-2500K, 16GB DDR3 1866, GTX 980 (driver 378.49), Windows 10 (also installed Vive drivers, Vive App etc. as I also bought HTC Vive)

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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Has this problem been resolved with the 0.11 release?

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    Hi, Lochlainn - no, it doesn't appear to be resolved. Is there a new release underway?

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