How do I orient Fove Display?




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    Hi  Thiansay,

    Normally, the compositor would render to the FOVE 0s HMD using direct mode. However, it seems that for some reason this is going wrong on your PC and instead launching in extended mode. When this happens the screen is rotated by 90 degrees due to hardware specifications.

    Could you provide us with the FoveLog.txt, which can be found in: C:\ProgramData\FOVE\Logs such that we can try to find out why direct-mode is not working properly?

    To resolve the rotation of the screen itself, please change the screen orientation. On Windows 10 this can be done as follows:

    1) Right-click the desktop
    2) From the pop-up menu select 'Display settings'

    3) Select the FOVE display
    4) Set the orientation to 'Portrait (flipped), and 'Apply' changes

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    Alexander Imansepahi

    i had the same issue and the only way i could get it to work was landscape flipped.

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    Tony Truong

    I had the same issue and the only way i could get it to work was landscape flipped. But i can't see any green dot or starfield, it's just my wallpaper with haft path each eye.

    i run FOVE 0.10.0, Build Date : Jan 30 2017



    Please show me how to play my video or game with FOVE.


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    Scott Harper


    It looks like some software is already using one of the ports we are using for compositor communication, which is causing the system to shut down. I'm curious what program is using our port (8311, I believe is the one in question). We checked a bunch of common lists of claimed ports before selecting ours...

    In any case, you can change what port the compositor claims

    • Open or create your Fove config file here --> C:\ProgramData\Fove\FoveVR.config
    • Put the text COMPOSITOR_IPC_PORT=XXXXX in the file (replace the XXXXX with a port that you know is available on your machine, like 11235 is free on my machine)
    • Close all your Fove software and restart the tray program and runtime service.

    If it works, you should stop seeing the "Compositor port is in in use" error (I'm going to fix the typo now, btw) and also the Fove should stop appearing as an external display because we will have activated direct mode.

    We have planned a system which will take care of this automatically in the future, by the way. Let me know if this works for you!

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    Tony Truong

    I saw starsfield. Thanks

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