Should the FOVE be recognized as a second LCD? Also, SteamVR driver not working



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    OS is win 10 64

    tried elite dangerous per the beta email and it didn't recognize the headset and wotn go into VR mode.

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    should also note that the compositor is turned off

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    Hi Derek,

    The reason the FOVE 0s HMD is not showing up as a monitor is because it is in direct mode.

    In regard to SteamVR, when you have launched the SteamVR application, could you take a screenshot of task manager to show which Fove applications are running?

    In my case it is just FoveVR and FoveServiceHost

    In addition, can you provide us with the FoveLog.txt, which can be found in: C:\ProgramData\FOVE\Logs ? As well as Steam's vrserver.txt which can be found at {Steam install location}\logs

    You can combine all of this information by creating a bug report at this address: . Once you've done so, please let me know here and I will look into it.

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    Johnathan Harvey

    Currently running into the same issue, Hopefully the logs I just sent to the support page helps.

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