Pulling and saving raw data




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    Brendan John

    I'm also interested in this feature. Haven't looked through the SDK yet but if I'm going to use this for my research work I will need to save out the left and right eye images along with the generated gaze data and head orientation info.

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    Husam Katnani

    Seems like the FOVE developers respond very quickly to some posts and not others. I would really appreciate a response here from the FOVE team.

    Just a sense of how one can log and save eye camera and gyro output, time stamped to some stimulus display.

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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Sorry, some questions are easier to answer than others. The short answer is we are investigating the privacy implications. Although it is technically feasible, we made a choice to not have this generally exposed. We will investigate releasing a research API and perhaps research client, which will allow easier access to these things.

    It was not intended for general applications to pull down and process raw images, but we understand the need for this in an R&D context, and it is on our roadmap.

    I am sorry for the late reply,

    Lochlainn (Fove)

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    Dominik Brügger

    +1 For the raw data

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    Chang Y

    Lochlainn: Is there an estimate for when the research API would be released? Pulling and saving the raw data streams would make our research apparatus optimal, and open up many many door.

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    Lochlainn Wilson

    It is on our roadmap, unfortunately I can't give an exact estimate yet. Maybe within a few months?

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