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    Max Korpinen

    Hi Thomas,

    Something real-time is definitely the goal. Thanks for the feedback!

    The customer support system (including our email support as well as this Support Center) offers a live-chat functionality that we are planning to implement in the future. However, at this time - right after the product launch and all - our R&D/SW staff is very tied to supporting our customers in terms of QA and fixing the known issues in the software. When we stabilize our current status a bit and find the tech support personnel we are looking for at the moment, we'll probably be able to focus on improving the support from email/community into something faster.

    For now, we are doing our best here in the Community, on email, and in the background making fixes to the software. Also, there are some awesome and super helpful people here in the Community too, which we are really thankful for! :)

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    Jeremy Anderson

    Something y'all might consider is setting up an official FOVE channel on Discord. It's free, it's realtime, and it's built by gamers for gamers: :)


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