Best Practices for public Fove Demos



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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your clear message. I understand it has been making its way around our team recently. The HMD covers are going to be a difficult issue, if they occlude the eye sensors, eye tracking will not work. 

    SteamVR position tracking calibration should work as normal in room setup, if it does not please adjust the user height until it works for your needs. 

    If you mount the position tracking above a player you will have issues when they look down, currently the most normal experience is provided with a camera just above head height on a monitor, however extreme angles will cause tracking to bug out. We are working to improve off axis performance, but with a single camera there are big limits here.

    I think you will get a more formal reply later, sorry for the lack of communication.

    Lochlainn (Fove)

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    MR Alex

    Hi Lochlainn,

    This is already helpful as a first step.
    I will try a setup with the positional tracking camera about 30 cm above
    head height slightly tilted downwards and see what the results are.


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