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    Kelley Hendrix

    Not hand held but it uses your hands.  I'm using the leap motion and it works great.  

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    I`m from Germany and here they are sold out. To order in the USA would take quite a while, would be expencive and risky.

    Is there a different way to play games which need controllers. The steamcontroller does not work even with contoller companion.

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    Mirvanna Scythes

    I looked around everywhere but I basically could find none, save for the Sixense (absurdly overpriced $5k) the Razor (discontinued, by the same scumbag company). And a few yes/no/maybe were working on it type sites.

    But! I did see one thing that looked promising

    If the kickstarter lives too it's promise, $130au is a very cheap set. Especially given they're promising steam lighthouse integration like fove.

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    Harper Hendee

    I think the Vive touch controllers communicate via the headset with a wireless USB setup.  Therefore, they can't work without the Vive headset.

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