Unable to update firmware (error upgrading firmware 1)



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    Hi Marcus,

    Great to hear that you're up and running!

    Congratulations on the new card btw.

    If you're still having trouble with Steam & the forum instructions are in someway unclear lemme know by dropping an email to


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    Hi Marcus,

    First off, sorry that it's not working for you (again). Let's get this debugged as quickly as possible.


    The firmware updates writes the data to a temp file as part of the upgrade process. I'm not sure why this part is failing on your machine but can you check a couple things:

    - Does C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\FOV4624.tmp exist on your disk?

    - If not, can you create that file with a text editor, and just save any arbitrary data into it, and see if there's any permissions related issue?

    If that doesn't reveal any useful info, I'll need to send you a custom firmware updater that will help debug the problem.


    In the meantime, you are on firmware 50, which, while not the latest, is usable. If you click past the upgrade prompt you should be able to use the headset, unless of course you again run into your original issue. Over the course of various updates in the last 5-8 months, there's some hope that it's been resolved along with other bug fixes. But if not, send me the latest log including starting the service and the compositor, and we'll give that an in-depth look.


    - Jeff

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    Marcus R

    I was not able to get the 660TI working at all, and eventually I packed away the FOVE once again.


    Today, I just bought a GTX 980, and it is working with FOVE.

    Except can't get steamVR working, though I will start looking into the unreal plugin as soon as I can.



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