SteamVR problems when running


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    Derek Page

    This is an older post but I'll put my thoughts for anyone who's still looking.

    I've done over 100 hours of game time in Elite: Dangerous via the Fove and SteamVR and I know exactly what you're talking about with the jerkiness.  For a while I just played it without the camera and just made sure never to move my head to keep from getting sick.  Fortunately with the 0.13 SDK the track was improved DRAMATICALLY, and now 0.14 SDK is a bit better; it's nearly buttery smooth, and the only time I really have issues is if I try to look far up or behind me and the sensor loses track of the headset, or I simply get into frame drop.

    One thing to look out for is the super sampling in SteamVR, as that defaulted to 130% for me.  This headset has much better res than the Oculus or Vive so it really doesn't need the same aggressive supersampling that those headsets do.  I set it to 100% so it renders at native resolution and things got much smoother from that point as well.  I'm running a GTX 1080 Founders Edition card and VR can even max that card out if you push it too far.

    Hope this helps

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