Disabling single displays



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    Scott Harper


    Do you mean that you only want to draw a single eye and leave the other one... black? Or what would like like to show up in the other eye?

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    Hi Scott,

    I really want to make one side (one eye) completely back. The other side, I want to render the scene. I'm doing this all in Unity.



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    Scott Harper

    Hm... at the moment, I'm not sure it would be possible to do "correctly" without some extra setup that doesn't really make sense (essentially a second FoveInterface2 object somewhere that doesn't draw anything and only renders the blank eye). I'll look into making one-eye solutions easier in the plugin, but it may not make it in for the next release (which nearing completion already). Hopefully the one after that.

    In the meantime, a quick hack I can think of is creating a small black quad that sits just outside the near-plane and covers the eye you want to be black. This also would let you more dynamically controll which eye is visualized and which is blocked, whereas a more "correct" solution would probably include some lower-level settings changes that might just be more trouble than they're worth. I'll have to take a look at the specifics of what we're doing currently to know for sure.

    At least in the short-term, your best bet is probably to just block the eye you don't want to display.

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