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    Garrett Pickard

    It flashes in Red as i move the headset around the room. i have even had the headset right in front of the camera and still say's its on the desk.


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    Hi Garrett,

    Thanks for reporting this. The message that you see comes from some in-progress code regarding detection of stillness. It doesn't indicate that anything is wrong with your headset or setup.

    We have fixed it for an upcoming release.


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    Garrett Pickard

    i cannot get my tracking camera to work always says powered on but not tracking. i have tried every imagineable setup including trying to connect my camera directly into my modem to connect with your servers however that didnt work either. ive had it high, ive had it low, ive even had the headset about 1mm from the camera still says same thing. "Camera powered on but not tracking." ive had max, jeff, and others suggest problems that it might be yet i cant get it to work, someone pls help ive attached photos of places i have had the camera and i always color code my connections so i know that part is hooked up right.

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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Hi Garret,

    Can you describe a little more about what you are experiencing?

    1. Can you see the position tracking window in the config tool?
    2. Can you see the fove HMD lights through the the config tool?

    If the HMD lights are not turning on, you might have defective hardware. By the way where did you upload your pictures?

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