The hardware of the forb is very coarse.


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    Dear 세별 ,

    Thanks for posting, it's a shame you're unhappy with the current state of eye-tracking.

    We are on approximately monthly sprints to improve our eye tracking solutions, regarding the glasses issue - as a fellow wearer of glasses I do understand where you're coming from but, have you tried putting glasses into a VR headset? it causes all sorts of reflection and refraction issues this is an industry wide problem.

    I have tried using smaller frames with limited success but, until HMDs come out that changeable lenses that are also corrective we'll have to wait a little longer.

    In short, it's a shame for us both that it's hard for glasses wearers to use VR headsets, there is no solution coming in the immediate future. However the eye tracking is getting much, much more accurate & precise - watch this space.

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