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    Lochlainn Wilson

    You need to ensure that all of the ports are plugged in and getting sufficient power. Unless you are using a powered hub, a single USB3.0 connection is probably not sufficient (by specification) to power a Fove.

    It should however work in practice, although there is risk to damage physical components on the board supplying power over its specified level.  A typical computer can supply 1.7 amps of power through USB3.0 without complaining, although the specification is clearly set to 900ma. 

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    Joao Pedro Jorge

    Not sure if it's related, but we had some connection problems due to the fact that one of our USB 3.0 hubs power plug wasn't properly connected. Therefore we were drawing power solely from a USB 3.0 connection - and that doesn't seem to be enough to power device and provide the data connection.

    Make sure you have all USB cables properly connected (including the right ports).

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    Garrett Pickard

    what do you mean by that i have colour codes all of my cables to there appropriate ports. The only one i am unsure of is the camera because it is white not black or blue. is there a seperate port for the camera.?


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    Garrett Pickard



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