Non-VR Game Eye Tracking



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    Dear Sandman,

    We're still here!

    I wish we could say more about ongoing projects but alas, it's not that kinda world.

    We do have exciting stuff coming if you're interested we have just started posting experimental eye tracking builds (see the usual developer section of the website).

    More stuff is coming.

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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Can you specify, what do you exactly mean by a general application?

    Something like SteamVR's desktop, with eye tracking pass through for example? I believe this would have to be made, or hacked, but that its possible. 

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    Sandman Dream

    He mean any game non VR designed, mostly fps.

    Vorpx isn't using Eye-Tracking, and that's a shame indeed, in fact nothing use the Fove eye-tracking except the little demo you can grab for unity. But at least we can use most FPS  game with FOVE thank to this piece of (paid) software.. sad that most project are designed sollely for oculus and vive HMD .. :(


    I honestly hope SteamVR will be Fove eye-tracking compatible when they are ready with their own hmd Vive v2 but I'm losing faith as there are no news or whatever..

    Some newsletter refresh explaining us where you are with the project, where stand Fove Steam integration, any new on VR controllers compatibility and so on would be nice because we had no news for some months now.

    Just give us some sign you're alive and what you are working on .. any ETA or whatever, that would be nice for us original backers.

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