get the interface from the two cameras



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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Regarding raw camera feeds, this isn't currently available to the public. We're looking into exposing this functionality in the future but do not have a timeline yet.

    You could run a screen capture over the Debug tool to acquire footage that way ~ this will not be useful for real-time processing however.

    Regarding Android support, currently we're a windows only platform - it's unlikely this will happen anytime soon due to the massive GPU compute spec our HMD requires. I recognize that your poly count may be very low compared to a gaming environment as a researcher but, the screen is still a 70hz display with a resolution of 2560*1440 pixels - this is a lot to ask a mobile device to drive.

    Regarding specs, did you have a more detailed list of what it is you wanted to ask? Furthermore, you're sure it's not listed here:

    Let me know if not & I'll answer whatever we can.



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          Hello! I am so glad that you have answered my questions. But I still have some questions as follow :

         I have read a paper   ''High-Fidelity Facial and Speech Animation for VR HMDs"    before. In this paper, the author also use your product to get the video data from the built-in eye cameras. But I don't know how they can get the video data in real-time if they follow your advices. 

         I will appreciate if you can answer my questions! 



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