Display doesn't work after last FW / SDK update




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    Scott Harper

    In order to work this out, can you first shut down the service (click the power toggle button on the status window), then open the config tool (right-click the FOVE tray icon or the status window, and select "Launch Config Tool") and restart the service? With the config tool open, you can click the "Show Log" button on the right. What we need is the full text of the log after the service starts up for about 10 seconds or so (it'll either stop printing output or it'll be printing the same output over and over again, depending on the error).

    We're already working on solving an issue which sounds similar to what you're describing, but having another log would help us make sure your problem isn't some different issue altogether.

    -- Scott

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    Laurens van den Broek

    Hi Scott,

    This is Laurens, taking over this issue from our Director Jon.

    Please download the log file via the link below, it seemed stuck in the loop at the end so I shut down the service again and stored the log. 

    Please let us know if you require anything else to troubleshoot this issue.


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