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    Lochlainn Wilson

    This is a complicated issue, it looks like the OSVR compositor does not recognize our display vendor ID properly. We will probably need to take a look at this and patch a fix in. I will discuss adding it to our to-do list. In the mean time log it as an issue in the base site and see what they say? If they need any information we are willing to provide it.


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    Teemu Ikonen

    Not sure what is going on. It appears that if I run my C++ test app built directly on Fove SDK and DirectX and then open OSVR I get examples to start but with corrupted display (scene looks like broken video encoding in the HMD). Then the Windows blue screens so it's definitely something with the drivers.

    If I just do clean PC reboot, start Fove runtime and then OSVR it fails to start with the error above.

    Will try to ping OSVR devs.

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    Has there been progress on this, by chance?

    I'm actually attempting to do the same thing right now with the newest OSVR and FOVE SDK, and I've essentially got to the point listed above (not the RenderManager logs, though; the FOVE display just maintains the default space view).

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