11.4 - Opens calibration when I press play in Unity



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    Just noticed that if I select "Skip Auto Calibration Check" then it does not start up the calibration.

    Is this the intended functionality? Thought the check would only calibrate if it wasn't already calibrated.

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    Scott Harper

    At the moment, this is intended functionality. We are still ironing out our calibration profile stuff. What you are expected to do is either leave the skip auto calibration box unchecked (and let the client automatically do the check as soon as possible); or wait for a moment that you have set aside when displaying the calibration wouldn't cause problems in your product, call EnsureEyeTrackingCalibration, and then wait for IsEyeTrackingCalibrating() to return false.

    Unfortunately, for now this will ALSO perform a full calibration. However if you use this function set correctly, in a future update you will no longer see it do a full calibration but rather a much faster quick-fix calibration. It's a pain for developing. I generally have the calibration checking on a simple behaviour with an override toggle for now. We hope that in the future there may not be a need for ANY calibration at all unless the user simply hasn't calibrated yet.

    There is a known bug at the moment that we're working out which makes the Unity plugin not register that IsEyeTrackingCalibrating should be true for a frame or two, so I recommend waiting until that method returns false for like 10 frames or so before continuing on as a workaround.

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    Okay! Thank you very much for the detailed response. :) Very helpful.

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