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    Scott Harper

    If all goes well, the new runtime and plugin should be out early next week. In the meantime, you should be able to download the 1.3.1 plugin, extract the unitypackage, and update it on top of the sample project. Let me know if you get missing script or component errors.

    For a little extra detail, there was a bug in Unity 5.5 and before where our camera hack resulted in upside-down images on screen. We added a workaround, but when they fixed their bug in 5.6, it made our workaround look like the bug again. As Sanuga said above, that was fixed in 1.3.1.

    The next release will actually allow a more native-like interface to Unity's VR subsystem without the need for camera prefabs or anything. So look forward to it. :)

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    Sorry for my poor English.

    Old Unity plug-in doesn't work correctly with latest Unity. And we already updated Unity plug-in (v1.3.1).

    But Unity example uses old Unity plug-in (v1.1.1). So Unity example doesn't work correctly with latest Unity.

    We will update the unity example, but I do not know when yet.

    Sorry for inconvenience.

    Kind regards,

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    Gareth Walkom

    Okay, thanks.

    Do you know when the update will be? This month?

    If later, is there a way I can fix the issue myself?


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