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    Hi Joshua,

    The answers you seek are as follows:

    1&2) Two cushions of 5 and 10mm thicknesses.

    3)Cables included & securely fixed to the device.

    4) Under tension they're 3M but practically you can use about 270 centimeters.

    5)Unlikely you'll pull them in such a way that they break, they come out of the HMD then are secured to strap going across the meridian of your head which will take most of the stress.

    6) Leap motions are cool but you have to attach them in such a way that your HMD's IR LED position tracking system isn't to obscured by the leap motion sensor.


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    Joshua Brinsfield

    Those are great answers--thanks, Jeremy!

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    Se-Joon Chung

    Hi Jeremy,

    Regarding 6), do you have a suggestion for mounting the Leap Motion sensor without interfering with HMD's position tracking LED's? The position tracking is very unstable with Leap Motion mounted on the headset.

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    Hey Se-Joon,

    We've used tape (liberally) in the past, if you have access to a 3d printer it could be cool to print a mount or something like but we've had the most success with tape on the underside of the headset (in front of your nose).

    Best of luck!



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