Several issues on Fove 0 first use




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    Lochlainn Wilson

    Hi Alex, Joao,

    I am sorry to hear about these issues that you are facing. Can you try our latest SDK and get back to me with your general impression?

    Tracking being influenced by the motherboard sounds concerning, can you provide the maker and model of the board so we may evaluate it? Differences in USB implementation could be the root cause, otherwise something operating system specific?

    Regarding our Demo keyboard support, I will ask one of our content Engineers to get back to you. 

    We are tuning our IMU in the next release so the heartbeat jitter will be addressed. Our current release should be better than before, however it has not been fully resolved as of now.

    Thank you. 

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    I tried on a different mainboard with a different USB controller and the results were better. The positional tracking issues are almost gone now. The eye tracking stability issues persist, but less than before. However, calibration still goes haywire after moving around too much or taking off and putting on the headset.


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    Joao Pedro Jorge

    Hi Alex,


    We're facing similar issues. Would you be kind enough to share your setup? We're currently running on a Windows 10 machine with a NVIDIA GTX1070, 16GB of RAM and an Intel 4-core i7-3770K.

    One weird extra thing that I've noticed is that the orientation seems "sensitive" enough to the point of jittering at what it seems like my heartbeat. It's very odd but that instability makes a bit sick.

    I should add that that also happens on FOVE's Galaxy "screen saver".

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    Hi Lochlainn,

    Thanks for your reply. I've installed the 0.12.0 runtime and updated the firmware. Unfortunately, there were no improvements regarding the eye tracking stability.

    As before, eye tracking works fine right after calibration if the head movements are kept to a minimum. Turning the head by 90 degrees and then back will completely mess up the eye tracking. And not by a small margin, the tracking disparity is easily 20 degrees or more between the two eyes. They basically jump all over the place. Removing the headset and putting it back on does not solve the problem. Only a recalibration does.

    We also still have minor positional tracking issues, but these might be more due to the rather small tracking volume of the camera. So right now, we don't worry too much about these.

    Regarding used HW and OS:

    The first try in my first post was done on a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI mainboard with an NVidia Titan X (Maxwell). This is where we were facing heavy issues. It's an older board though. The second test was done on a GA-Z97X-Gaming3, which uses a different USB hardware configuration, and an NVidia 1080 Ti card. Both systems run on Windows 10 Enterprise v1703.


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    Hi Alex,

    I wrote below how to operate demos without game-pad.

    Demo launcher
    - Space: Select / Skip the Startup Demo
    - Escape: Cancel
    - Left / Right : Move item on the menu.

    Project Falcon
    - Enter: Proceed from the title screen
    - Escape: Quit
    - Left button of the mouse: Fire the machine gun
    - Right button of the mouse: Fire rockets

    Games other than Project Falcon
    - Escape: Open the quit dialog / Cancel (close the quit dialog)
    - Enter: Quit (when the quit dialog appears)


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