Request: FOVE as a monitor / Stereoscopic 3D Movie Viewer




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    Lochlainn Wilson

    This is possible, but highly not suggested for VR due to the increased latency of operating through non-direct mode. 

    Add the following line to the Fove config file:


    To do this you need to stop the Fove service, right click the Fove Tray Icon -> Configuration -> Edit Config File.

    After you have edited the file, save it and apply your changes. Fove will now work as an extended display. You will need to change it back to Direct-mode, by either removing the line entirely, or setting it to 0. (0 = direct, 1=extended).

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    Jeremy Anderson

    Thanks, Lochlainn!

    I tried it out briefly. It works pretty well, although the mind really doesn't like having the picture stay fixed when your head moves... or worse, having the 'camera' move when your head isn't... or having it move in opposite directions!

    I guess it's safe to say that HMDs are best for VR or 2D movies (which the brain can reasonably expect no "motion" from) are best left to 'fixed space' scenarios (where the picture doesn't move just because your head does. lol. :)


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    DaRonne Jenkins

    I tried the display option but the display was placed sideways so that the L eye and R eye are on top of each other, not side by side. How do I fix this?

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