Cable extensions?



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    @David & @Derek,

    Thanks guys, I'll try to buy some of those for the office - hopefully we can make a video or something & add it to our FAQ.


    @David, the Vivebox not working seems a little weird... I will ask the team who writes our firmware about this.


    @Peter, maybe you won't have to disassemble it after all :)

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    The USB cables should be easy enough but our HDMI is an active one that's pushing the limits of the HDMI spec, so it may be difficult to find something...


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    Peter K

    While testing a room scale application earlier today for the first time, I encountered the same cable length problem. I can confirm that the USB cables can be extended without any apparent problems, but the screen is black. Unfortunately my improvised workaround (male-to-male cable + spare HTC Vive Link Box) did not work.

    Which HDMI cables have you tested so far and would recommend?

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    Hi Peter,

    The FOVE actual uses an active cable made for us by CTI, I do not know of a place they are sold.

    So, if you're confident (& I'm assuming you are) I'd suggest just replace the cable in the HMD actual.

    Providing the plug's physical dimensions are the same (or smaller) than that of the HDMI connection on the GPU end you'll be able to swap it over. Opening the cable management clamps etc is a pain but it is possible with some pliers.

    Here's a link to some photos so you know what to expect.

    The max cable width is about 2.8mm so keep that in mind.

    Do let me know how you go!



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    David Mal

    Hi Peter and Jeremy,

    the following HDMI setup worked for us: 

    FOVE HDMI -> HDMI Coupler -> active HDMI extension cable -> Computer HDMI. 

    but there are a lot more issues on this extension task. 

    • Whenever you change any of the cables or ports, you better restart your computer!
    • There was no way to extend the USB 3 cable with an active USB 3 cable extension. We got the eye values in the debug tool, but the screen was black. 

    So for now we use a spare HTC Vive Link Box  to extend (only) the usb 3 cable, a active USB2 extension and the HDMI extension as described above. Anyway is there a way to extend the usb 3 in a better way? 

    Also the current firmeware update makes the HTC Vive Link Box USB3 extension "dirty hack" unavailable. 

    I really need some help! 

    Thank you all for your help so fare. 

    Kind  regards 


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    Derek Page

    So I can confirm one setup that works. 

    I built an extension cable for my Oculus Rift a few years ago when I got my touch controllers, with cables on their list of ones confirmed to work for room-scale.  I recently went wireless on the Oculus with the TPCAST, so I no longer needed that extension cord; I use the Fove for my seated experiences since it has better resolution, so I have both headsets plugged into the computer (I use a dual boot setup, with on OS dedicated for each headset).  The cord on the Fove was just a bit short for my liking from where I sit to where I have the computer so I gave it a shot with my extension cord and so far it has worked perfectly in countless hours of playing Elite Dangerous via SteamVR.

    Here's the HDMI cable -

    Here's the USB3 extender cable -

    For the USB2 cord I simply used the USB2 active repeater cable that Oculus ships with the 3rd sensor, cause it was just sitting in the closet and it was long enough (I have all 4 oculus sensors on USB3).  The USB2 port is only used for power so I imagine pretty much any cord will work.  At one point I even ran it off my Samsung S7 charger with an extension cable so it really seems like just about anything will work.

    Hope this helps someone,


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