Interacting with objects using the Fove (Controllers, Leap Motion, Blinking etc)



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    Hey Tom,

    We have found that Radial menus work best & whilst blinking is good for simulating left/right click on a mouse it can be pretty tiresome for the user.

    User looks at point A for X seconds is quite powerful if high speed input (like browsing the web) is not required.

    Please share (if you can) some of the projects you're working on.

    Apologies for the delay in responding.

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    Tom Bath

    Although the company I work for has now invested in the Tobii Eye tracking VR, I am happy to give some info about our progress anyway.

    We've decided to stay clear of blink controls for the time being, as we can't agree on the potential for errors/false blinks. Even with a double blink there is still a small margin for error. We're going to do some in-house testing of blink controls in the near future, once we've finished a working version of the current prototype. We definitely like the potential speed of selections using blinking.

    Currently we are combining use of a controller and the headset so the controller trigger is used to make selections based on what you're looking at. We are hoping to start looking into the "look at for X seconds" method in the near future, as this worked rather well on just Gaze-based work. (Although still has room for errors)

    Keeping this menu away from the centre field of view will be key in reducing error - there is less chance of an accidental selection if the object is out the users central focal view.

    Best of luck to those who may read this thread in the future, I'd love to hear if other people have success with a "Hands free selection" using only your eyes.

    - Tom

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    Have you tried a double blink action or integrated telelocomtion in VR via a teleport with eye movement variables? 

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