Is Fove still in active development?



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    @Tarik We have some cool FR stuff going on in house at the moment, we are hoping to make it public once the tools are reliable enough. @Mr Alex mentions FR requires a lot more than the toolchain FOVE alone provides, we're working hard with the appropriate vendors and such to make FR reality.

    @Mr Alex, we're hoping to take some of the major learns from experimental into a public (and stable) release soon - watch this space!

    @Phillip can you show us your project? - I'll get one of the Unreal plugin engineers to take a look at it,




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    Philip Weiss

    I've been wondering the same thing. I was never able to use the Unreal Engine plugin for my project because it won't compile. As far as I know that hasn't been fixed. I'm still very interested in using FOVE for my project because it's still the only VR headset available with eye tracking, but I can't use it with my Unreal Engine project.

    Looking forward to an update.

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    @Philip The FOVE have been the only entry level HMD Eye-Tracking system for a certain time. Both Tobii and SMI sell integration kits (actually you send them your HMD and they install Eye-Tracking on it) but these cost way more than FOVE. I've had a chance to use the SMI's a bit and the quality was there. I've also tested the Eye-Tracking Glasses (pretty much the same tech they embed in the HMD's) and the results is very good!

    As for the entry level. TopYing do have a standalone HMD with Eye-Tracking and LooxidVR are starting soon with a model (GearVR type, where you put your phone) that does both Eye-Tracking and EEG!

    Please note that I have no tie to any of the companies I cited above :)

    I hope Fove guys will soon come up with decent drivers and integration plugins as well as adding the so long awaited Foveated rendering.

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    MR Alex

    @Tarik: The experimential build on November 14th, 2017 looked like a big step forward regarding eye tracking accuracy but it is still not available, which is a pitty. Regarding the foveated rendering I'm afraid that it needs support from GPU as well as game engine makers to make it generally available. Team FOVE decided to go to one month sprints. With the end of the year considered I hope to see the next major by the end of this month.

    @Philip: Also take a look at (I'm not connected to them).

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    0.14.1 is available for download now, there is also some new demo content on our Blog > more is coming soon.

    Regarding Foveated rendering we're hoping to release some solutions to make it easier for devs soon (more out-of-the-box kind of things.. Afraid I cannot say more at this time.)

    @MR Alex, thanks for your helpful answer.


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    MR Alex


    Thanks for your response. Great to have a new runtime and SDK available.

    As I work with Unity I have some questions:

    1. When will be a new Unity Plugin and a new Unity example available that provides access to the new features?
    2. Will existing builds and demos benefit from the runtime improvements (e. g. better accuracy, drift compensation, etc.)?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    They should benefit from the newer runtime (more accurate eye tracking is always better right? -- we didn't find any broken backwards compatibility during QA)

    There are some hacks in the demo project (the one for which the source code is available) which are going to be more straightforward after the Unity release -- Unfortunately, I cannot put a time frame on it yet, we can only say it's coming soon.


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