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    Hi Will,


    I'm not totally sure what you mean - what specifically are you trying to control with the keyboard/mouse?


    The left,right cameras are generally setup and controlled by the plugin to have the right resolution, FOV, etc.

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    Will Bradley

    Thanks for getting back Jeff - I apologize for the ambiguity of my comment. I've attached a screen shot. 

    I am part of a team tasked with providing a way for people with ocular disorders (lazy eye) to correct their own vision using the FOVE. As you see, the Fove Interface prefab, once launched will provide FOVE eye (left) and FOVE eye (right). On the right of the screen, in the transform menu, I can modify the Z axis for instance to rotate the users vision in a particular lens. 

    My question is - how do I access this transform menu from the code? I notice that the FOVE Eye (Left) and FOVE Eye (Right) only appear during run time. The goal is to allow the user WASD (keyboard) or gamepad (xbox controller) control to correct their own vision. Where in the code may I access these transforms and assign inputs to them?



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    This is a little bit tricky since the plugin wasn't really designed with this in mind. There's a couple ways you could go about this (with the caveat that I haven't tried them yet).

    One would be to find the cameras by name at runtime, then add a node in the hierarchy above them. You could then control those nodes above the cameras, by getting their transform and setting the z element directly. I believe the FOVE interface sets the camera every frame so any modifications you make to the camera may get overwritten, hence the need for a parent element to modify in the hierarchy.

    The other option would be to find the spot in FoveInterface.cs that sets the transform, and supply your own code level change to add an offset there.

    Hopefully that info can get you started, let me know if that is unclear.


    Jeff @ FOVE 

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