can i fixed FOVE VR rotation?



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    Hi Night,

    Slow rotation is caused by what's called "gyro drift". Measurements from the internal gyros are accumulated many many times per second. This accumulation is what gives the overall orientation of the headset. Small inaccuracies in the measurement also get accumulated over time too, which causes the slow rotation. These inaccuracies come from differences in calibration of the gyros between the factory environment and your home/office. Things such as temperature changes can change the response of the gyros.

    This only happens on the yaw, as opposed to the pitch or roll, since the latter two are be corrected by the accelerometer.

    Slow rotation around the yaw is corrected by the position tracking camera when in use.

    When the position tracking camera is not in use, FOVE has a built in feature which re-calibrates the gyros when the headset is complete still (eg. sitting on a desk) for around 10 seconds or so. If this is functioning, you should be able to set the gyro down on a still surface for a while, and the rotation should stop. You'll see a statement in the log like this:

    Wrote gyro y calibration to file C:\ProgramData\FOVE\GyroCalibration\AP000000101761000221.json: -0.024150

    If you do not see this, and the headset is rotating fast enough to see it move, then possibly sometime is broken. Contact with your log and we'll take a look.

    Also, you can always set the current direction to the forward direction using the "Tare Orientation" feature which is available in the Debug Tool as well as programmatically in the API.

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    HI Jeff,

    Thank you for your help.

    we guessed that this problem was gyro drift. :)

    we applied FOVE VR version 3.1.1( newest version) and we don't have this problem last version.

    when we applied 3.1.0(beta version) version,we don't have this problem.

    so i think that newest version has error. please, Check newest version :)

    if you find some error, please inform me.


    Anyway, i follow the steps you said. and if i find another log or can't see, i will contact.


    Thanks :)

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    This comes from the runtime version (latest is currently v0.16.0), rather than the Unity plugin version. Upgrading or downgrading Unity plugin versions is not expected to have any effect, but let me know!


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