Way to disable who system, but just focus on the eye tracking system



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    Hi Steve,

    Can you elaborate on what you're trying to achieve?

    If you have the FOVE turned on & the compositor running you'll see a starry sky (somewhat like a wallpaper).

    While that's up if you check out the debug tool you'll notice that the eye tracking is still running and spewing out data.

    The trouble is if you're not subjecting the user to some sort of 3d experience with known dimensions the eye tracking information may not be super useful.



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    As far as the C++ API is concerned (which ultimately all clients including Unity go through), each client requests capabilities via the Fove::EFVR_ClientCapabiilities enum. If no clients are registering a particular capability, the FOVE service will stop processing that data.

    Some things are always on, like orientation tracking of the headset.

    The debug tool itself registers eye tracking and position tracking, which are the two most CPU-intense capabilities. Those will be running so long as the debug tool (or any other client using those) is open and the required hardware is plugged in. You can prevent position tracking by unplugging the position tracking camera.

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