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    Hi Peter,

    You're totally right that it seems disingenuous on our part so, for the moment SDK releases are likely to be quarterly and for the most part they'll be addressing stability over new features.

    In an effort to be transparent I'll explain why: We've lost a lot of our software engineers recently to bigger companies with deeper pockets. The team here is furiously working on interviewing new members but it's going to take some time. The areas most affected by this are the team working on our Unity plugin, followed by the core SDK team. The Unreal team remains at full strength.

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying the newest version of the SDK.

    I will be pinning this post for awareness.

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    Peter K

    Hey, quick follow up because this pinned post might catch attention. Just today I realized there's a new SDK version available (updated on 2018-11-20).


    For anyone interested, here's the change notes:

    - Bug fixes and accuracy improvements in eye tracking
    - Mirror client content without distortion mesh, for easier viewing
    - Debug tool can now cancel an ongoing calibration
    - Debug tool notifies if the runtime is missing or from another install
    - Added FoveCLI command line tool to binary folder

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