Is fove still alive?



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    Hey Malcom,

    We're still here!

    @phillip we're a small company and don't always have the best response times, apologies!

    If by auto calibration do you mean (the user isn't aware that they're being calibrated) than, no - we don't have this. No eye tracking company has this.

    Regarding the light house, we missed our kick starter stretch goal to incorporate lighthouse tracking natively. (their position tracking system is actually the opposite of how ours works.

    @phillip what problem are you having with the unreal plugin?

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    Philip Weiss

    It's been 3 days, so maybe that answers your question. I want to start working on my project that uses FOVE, but I stopped because the Unreal Engine plugin for FOVE wasn't working.

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    Malcolm Hughes

    I want to say im not bagging fove .
    This 'auto caloibration 'is a big one fove. Its over a year when i asked if you had something and it was 'not far away'
    Secondly missing the lighthouse goal may cost the company as a crap ton of people want room scale regardless of what its used for. Motion controlers you have none. I would say youd be better making the fove compadible with oculous sensors as its the same design as yours.
    The camera you guys have is junk too but theres no replacement...
    As for eye tracking have you got native support for it to be used as a mouse?
    Cant you set the corners of the eyes as a datum so if it moves the differance can be evened out?
    Love to hear decent decisions around those issues /questions

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    Malcolm Hughes

    does the rift track fove?

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