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    The new version of the FOVE Unity Data Collector on GitHub has a mode to collect at 120hz:

    It uses threading and the fove_Headset_waitForNextEyeFrame() api released in SDK v0.16 to do the frame limiting to the camera frame rate.

    Note: frames do not always come in at a consistent 1/120s, but you will receive 120 per second (as long as your machine can keep up). Latencies vary due to USB data transfer, windows preemption, etc.


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    Hi Jon,

    The headset location is given in the pose every frame. Should be a simple change to add it to the CSV. Let me know if you need help.

    As for 120, Unity is synced to the screen, which runs at 70. So the data collector needs to be threaded separately to receive the full frame-rate, which presents it's own challenges.

    We have a simple C++ example which writes data the full frame rate here:

    I plan on updating the Unity data collector after the next plugin update comes out (which wont be until next year as the holiday season is happening).

    Note that you can run multiple clients at once, so if you need you can run a C++-driven write-csv type program while running content from Unity.

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