Submit was called without signaling to swap compositor buffers.


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    Hi Hannes,

    This error occurs when submit() is called multiple times in a row without waitForRenderPose() getting called. This is a current requirement recent clients , though we hope to make it not a requirement in the future (though, generally, waiting for post should happen once per frame).

    Normally this would indicate that the submitted content is not showing up on the screen, so I'm surprised everything is working fine on the hmd side. The attached log is not fully complete, if you want us to look into it further, can you reproduce the error, stop the service, and attach C:/ProgramData/Fove/Logs/FoveLog.log? (You can also email it to Also, it would help if you upgrade to v0.16.0.

    As for eyetracking giving a fixed position (presumably 0,0,1) until calibration, you can create a profile, which will save the latest calibration at all times so when you reboot the system you do not need to calibrate further.

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