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    Malcolm Ryan

    I notice they've also stopped selling the headset.

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    sapphous sapphous

    I don't know, but it doesn't look good. The forums are still hidden behind 3 layers of navigation, there are no updates from the company, there is apparently little development, there is no marketing I've ever seen... I'm glad I have a FOVE, but my hopes for further software updates or hardware offerings have fallen pretty low at this point. Looks to me like the company isn't in a position to compete with others even in the publicity space and is slowly dying, though I hope by some miracle I'm wrong. It's a shame, because this is a great device with a really game-changing feature. It'd be nice for the company to survive long enough for me to actually finish some development projects using their tech!

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    Cojocari Miroslav


    yeah, it seems complicated...

    There was a SDK update for the headset few weeks ago and some answers on the forum... also a staff member said that with the new version of SDK there will be also a python library.

    The idea/concept is awesome, the product is awesome, but I really can feel the lack of "knowledge base", implementation examples or answers. Yes, we have a C++ working example, an unity template, an Unreal plugin and documentation on SDK, but some are outdated, some are just technical...

    Meanwhile, for those of us that worked more with the headset, maybe we can share some tips and tricks, basic chunks of code or implementation structures?


    Hopping for the best!

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    There will be some announcements early next year regarding FOVE and our future plans.

    We're still selling FOVE 0 but are focusing on larger deals than one-off sales. We are not currently manufacturing, and want to manage existing stock, esp. with some customers that make larger orders. Hence the contact form rather than a direct-to-purchase setup.

    New versions of our software are under continuous development, but C/C++ side gets the most attention. Scott, our main Unity guy has joined a new company, so we're very much behind on that but will be picking it up soon. An Unreal engine update is also coming very soon, along with the aforementioned python bindings.

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    sapphous sapphous

    Hi Jeff! I really appreciate the response and am glad to hear things are still moving forward!

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    Αίας Αθηναίος

    I bought the headset as an initial supporter but have not used it since (still boxed) but have yet to use it as I never managed to buy the right PC for it. But now I am buying one. I am weary about things being quite though and me being not tech savvy or having loads of time in my hands I am scared I will not be able to make good use of it.

    Should we all start a subreddit to engage the existing community? 

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