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    Per my response to the other thread you posted, the FOVE0 is fully available and for sale, but in a limited manner currently based on reserve stock. We support it, and are continuously developing our VR platform, SDK, Eye Tracking, etc.

    Our business model is shifting however. We're moving towards a technology licensing model rather than a direct hardware sales model going forward, though we will continue to sell hardware for some time.

    If you want to purchase a FOVE0, just get in touch with the sales team at for a quote.

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    Alex Tumlinson

    @Jeff, can you comment more on the future business model and what it is that you are seeking to make available for license and continued support.

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    Hi Alex,

    Not a problem, I'm happy to elaborate on the current/future business model.

    Our model is shifting to a B2B focused model rather than B2C. We plan to eventually end direct-to-consumer sales of FOVE0. Ones already out there in the wild will continue to be supported.

    Instead, there's basically two general types of B2B relationships we're currently developing. The first is a FOVE0 bulk sale - whereby we sell a few dozen to a few hundred to an organization that wants to deploy FOVE0 at some installation, such as a net cafe, etc. Such contracts can also come with custom support, and custom software development as needed.

    Since we have limited stock, we are reversing most of it for the aforementioned B2B clients. Hence removal of the direct purchase button on the website. However, some of the neatest applications of FOVE currently come from one-off researchers and developers around the world so we have some remaining allocated for that, but we ask that interested parties get in touch with the sales/biz team for a quote.

    The other basic type of relationship we're pursuing is technology licensing, in particular our eye tracking stack. Our ET team is continuously improving the algorithms and doing new research on ways to improve robustness, accuracy, precision, etc. We'd like to see this technology more widespread than just the headsets we can sell on our own as a small company. Clients in this area would be hardware manufacturers looking to integrate ET into a future product. FOVE supplies ready-made software for embedding into a third party SDK, as well as consultation on hardware design of the optical block.

    Most of our current customers in both areas have been reached through human networks rather than via our website, hence the lack of urgency in updating it, apologies that things are not so clear from the site. We're planning to add a news section to the website, since there are some exciting announcements coming soon, and we could use a better outlet for public-facing updates in general.

    Also, I'm always happy to answer questions in these forums as well, or by email. (Or in person for any clients that happen to be around: I'm based out of Colorado with occasional trips to California and HQ in Tokyo).

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