v0.16.0 and BSOD on AMD GPU



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    Thank you for the report, we will try to reproduce this internally. Can you confirm that it doesn't happen on v0.15.0? If needed you can redownload it here:


    Also, can you send to a copy of dxdiag.txt which you can create from your machine with these instructions:



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    I tested 0.15.0, which did not wotk but no crash this time.

    I updated again to 0.16.0 and found it did not work, but it no longer broke my system.

    FOVE is now recognized as an HDMI display and the message below repeatedly appeas in log.

    NVIDIA not found
    AMD module found
    Visibility type 2
    Visibility type 1
    Visibility type 0
    Found display: Public: Acer ET322QK
    Found display: Public: FOVE HMD
    Display match!
    Switching an extended display to a direct display on AMD
    AMD exception: Failed to create display: 3
    Not searching for extended displays
    No suitable backend found

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    I also sent dxdiag.txt.

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    I found today's Windows Update detected something broken in the system and seemed to fix it - FOVE started working!

    Probably, something had been broken as it is Insider Preview..

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    Thanks for the update. We're still not sure what is wrong there but if we have other reports we will suggest windows update, then otherwise investigate if that doesn't help.

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