Looking for a laptop that will run the FOVE



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    Generally we don't like to comment on specific laptops, since we can't test each one, but these meet the min spec for FOVE.


    The other thing to be aware of is HDMI adapters - some of them do not work with FOVE, so we recommend a laptop with an HDMI port when possible. Sometimes this is not possible, so just make sure to use a good adapter.


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    Sam Collins

    Whenever possible, you should contact the manufacturer support to be sure. Many laptops meet the requirements of a VR headset, but they are often not made with compatible architecture, and it's not possible to tell this just from the specs. Ask if the laptop is capable of outputting in direct mode through the HDMI (essentially, does the HDMI port attach to the dedicated NVIDIA/AMD GPU or does it go through the CPU). Generally, laptops labelled "VR Ready" will be correctly configured to support this behaviour, and they should work, provided all of the listed specs are met.

    For specific examples, I've been able to run FOVE on Dell G15, some ASUS ROG Strix VM models (newer models may have removed this capability - beware), and two Acer Predator models.

    Just make sure to confirm that the GPU can output in direct mode through the HDMI port. Support staff can generally answer this question, as it is also a requirement for the laptops to run HTC Vive and other HMDs.

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