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    Hi Sapphous,

    Thanks for you post. We added support for controlling in SteamVR last year internally and it came out with the public plugin.

    This is nice functionality for people who want to use eye tracking with FOVE purely through Steam APIs. Previously it was only possible to get eye tracking coordinates through the FOVE SDK, while rendering through the OpenVR (SteamVR) SDK.

    However, you are right that this can mess with games and probably shouldn't be the default. I will change this for the next update, and add documentation on this.

    In the meantime, you can disable it by setting:


    in your FOVE config file and then rebooting SteamVR.


    Eventually the hope is for OpenVR to have a proper API for eye tracking, at which point we will implement that and deprecate the eye-gaze-as-controller system.

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    sapphous sapphous

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the answer! That makes perfect sense, glad to have it confirmed.

    About your temporary solution, though... The gaze controller seems to still be there in SteamVR with your suggested line in the FOVE config file. Thinking perhaps you meant TRUE instead of FALSE, I also tried OPENVR_DRIVER_DISABLE_GAZE=TRUE, with no effect. I also tried OPENVR_DRIVER_ENABLE_GAZE=FALSE, with no effect. So perhaps there is an issue with parsing this option in the config file?


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    Thanks for spotting that, it should read `OPENVR_DRIVER_DISABLE_GAZE=TRUE`, I edited my post accordingly incase anyone else reads just the first response.

    We will test this shortly with the released version and issue a fix if it's not working.

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    Btw this option should work now and is defaulted to disabled with the latest update. Let me know if there's any trouble.

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