Unity Plugin - Compatibility with newer versions?



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    I apologize for the lack of updates on the plugin. After our previous Unity guy pursued a new opportunity last year (Scott - you may remember him posting around here before - he's doing well btw), progress on the Unity plugin basically halted for a while. We've done some hiring recently and there's a lot more activity now on the Unity side.

    The v3.0 version of the Unity plugin includes support for all the latest versions of Unity and using the latest 0.16.X SDK which has a number of new features.

    We still have a bunch of testing to do on it, but it's functional now, so if you don't mind trying an early version, I will post a beta to this thread.


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    As with any other model, please release the beta or early version.

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    Sam Collins

    Hi Jeff,

    I'd be happy to try out an experimental version if possible. We have an experimental environment running at the moment for a completely different beta test, so the timing is perfect. Looking forward to a stable version soon, too :)

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    Thank Sam,


    This is the initial beta for version 3, hot off the CI servers!


    Documentation will be forthcoming, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone waiting. Please let me know if you run into any trouble.


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