how to execute [FOVEtray.exe] automatically when I boots windows10.


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    Thank you for reporting this.

    First let me explain how this normally works.

    1. There's an option in our config, START_FOVE_TRAY_WITH_HEADSET, which defaults to TRUE if not present, which causes the FOVE service to launch the tray app (aka "FOVE VR" in the Windows start menu) each time a headset is plugged in.
    2. The FOVE Service itself runs by default. This setting is set by the installer, and can be modified in the Windows Service Menu under "FoveRuntime -> StartupType".
    3. Due to the combination of #1 and #2, the tray app will launch at boot so longs as a FOVE is connected. However, there is no direct "Start Fove Tray at Launch" option.

    I've confirmed that a regression in v1.0.X broke the automatic launching of the FOVE tray. We're preparing a fix for our next update (likely v1.1 or possibly v1.0.3 if we do another point release in the v1.0 series).

    You can use traditional Windows means to auto-launch the FOVE tray as needed in the meantime.

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