3 years later where is our controllers?


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    Hi Dustin,

    The FOVE headset doesn't support VR controllers at all (it does not include any hardware for this), so FOVE applications typically use either Eye Tracking as a controller, or a standard PC input device like mouse/keyboard or gamepad.

    When we first built the headset, the company direction was gaming focused, but over time that market hasn't been viable, and our sales have naturally been more solid in the medical and/or research areas, and have since pivoted or business direction to this area.

    This means that most of our customers nowadays are not playing games with the headset, but rather they build their own applications using our Unity/Unreal plugins or C++ SDK, for their own particular use case. This ranges from quality-of-life application for ALM patients to applications that test users eyes, and that kind of thing. These applications are typically used in labs or small deployments any not put on a public store like Steam.

    Additionally, SteamVR (OpenVR) has no standard API for eye tracking (last we checked), so there's no general means to release an Eye Tracking game on Steam. Each developer much use vendor-specific APIs. We hope that the OpenXR standard from Khronos will improve that situation over time.

    In the meantime, for VR content on Steam is eye-tracking free for the most part, and thus with the FOVE headset your limited to keyboard/mouse/gamepad style VR games. While this is not a majority of VR content, there are quite a few such games on Steam in various genres. These function with FOVE (if not let us know and if the issue is FOVE-side we can take a look).


    Also, via SteamVR, WebXR (in-browser) keyboard/mouse/gamepad style content is supported as well. We've found most WebXR applications to be a bit flaky but it's a promising new way to deploy VR content via the web, so we'd like to see growth there too!


    Though we don't develop games internally, we do make public our FOVE demo suite on our developer site, the direct link is here:

    It's not a game per say, but a collection of interesting demos, and is fully eye tracking controlled. You must use the FOVE compositor though and not be running SteamVR to try it.


    Sorry the gaming side of things is still weak. Hopefully my explanation here gives you some insight. You should be able to find some gaming content, but from the beginning, tracked controllers were not part of the plan, just that the unfortunate thing is that Eye Tracking as far as games is not really much of a thing yet industry-wide.


    (On a side note, Windows 10 is supported and is the main platform. We had a Windows-7 specific forum early on, but not Windows 10, because originally Windows 7 wasn't supported).

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