A. General inquiry

  1. Before sending your request, be sure to search our FAQ and Community for similar issues. There might already be a solution to your question!
  2. Send us an email to

B. Repair request

  1. Before sending your request, read our Repair Policy
  2. Continue to fill in our Repair Request Form

C. Bug report

  1. Save FOVE log file to your system
  2. Save DirectX Diagnostic file to your system
  3. If you have any screenshots regarding the bug, save them to your system
  4. Attach the files to the end of this form
  5. Fill out the form below

*We really value the bug reports and will read and process each and every one of them. However, we might not be able to reply to every report. We hope you understand and keep using the form regardless, because these reports are crucial to our development

Describe what happened in as much detail as possible. What when wrong in your opinion? What did you expect? How can we reproduce the error?

1) Double-click the FOVE Tray Icon (in the bottom right corner of the screen) - this will open the config tool. 2) Inside the config tool open the `Help` submenu and press 'About'. 3) The pop-up window contains the user's SDK version

If you want to provide additional information apart from the DirectX diagnostics log, let us know here.

You can find the serial number from the left side of the headset under a QR code. You can also take a pcture of the label and attach it to this report.

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